Our Products

At Outsiders Hair Boutique, we believe that it's important to try to maintain the health and integrity of hair by being selective with the products we carry to make sure that our clients can have healthy, shiny hair with the minimal amount of build up and damage over time, while keeping their daily routine and product line-up to a minimum.

Hair is a living organism, and just like you wouldn't eat something you know contains toxic materials, you shouldn't be using hair care products that contain toxic materials or unnecessary chemicals that strip the nutrients and natural oils from your hair and scalp.

We like the minimalist approach, where your hair product routine should be as streamlined as possible, we all have busy lives, and in most cases we've found that less is more. That is why we chose the Scandinavian SACHAJUAN product line out of Sweeden. Read more about SACHAJUAN here.

We also wanted to find a product line that was created exclusively for men, and that led us to Depot Male Tools Co. Read more about DEPOT here. It is a line that was designed from the ground up to cater to men, from haircare and styling products, to beard care and shaving products, as well as face and body products and a line up of signature scents.

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